Ranked Empire Wars is great, but the map pool is a little monotonous

Just started playing ranked EW games and it’s a cool new feature, for which I’m very excited, but I’m not particularly fond of the map pool available at the moment. I really hope we can soon play our favourite maps in this new ladder. It would be awsome to be able to play ranked Arena or Black Forest and skip the Dark Age. I think for now, maybe they just want to introduce all new maps from RBW, but further on it would be cool to have our beloved classic maps.


This is the announcement vid. Just watch the end. Empires Wars is meant to be a fast pace game mode. At the end the already mention this: It is meant to be a very aggressive game mode. Playing an aggressive mode and then end up with playing Arena or Black Forest doesnt really make sense to me. So i dont really think these maps should be part of the EW map pool.

There are much better maps that can be part of the EW map pool. Just to name a few: Valley, Socotra, Ravines, Hamburger, Four Lakes, Crater, Coastal Forest, Arabia, … Not all of these are my favorit map, but they are at least much better suited to the EW map pool.

I have to say i do like most of the RBW maps and i would like to see some of them into the RM map pool as well, since they are really refreshing to me. They seem to be really fun to play on RM settings as well. There are some bad one (Who likes RIng Fortress?!), but i like most of them.


Tbh this map pool is far better than any rm pool we had in ages imo. Would be so cool to play the maps (with some little exception maybe) over there as well.

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The intent of the EW is to be fast paced, quick matches, straight into action.

BF wouldnt be “BF” as you expect because you wont be able to wall so easily with archers/scouts reaching the choke point before villagers.

Arena wouldnt make much sense.


Hands on, the maps are not the best. They are either redundant to existing maps or poorly designed. What is the point of “Ring Fortess”?

the current ew map pool is kind of boring tbh
since there are only open maps its either scouts or archers.

We already have 3 Arenas: Ring Fortress, Eruption and that terrible map with the giant hill

You make 2 houses and a stable and you are walled, such a garbage map.

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What other kind of maps will fit an aggressive, fast paced game mode? Ofc the maps are mainly open maps. And almost all feudal wars starts with these units and when you reach castle, then you get other options.

Most seems looking good and are a great addition to the game. Ring fortress is one of the few examples that is really bad designed. Spottings the holes is terrible, even with a grid mod. Luckily i haven’t played this map, since my first idea seems to delete all these wall…

My first idea is that the map should be deleted from the pool 11

They should add nomad 11


Socotra would be insane to play EW on