Ranked frustrating

So I was playing ranked not because I care for the ladder, but because it’s the fastest way to get into a game with standard settings.

The problem is, matchmaking is so frustrating.

I am writing this after losing every ranked game in the last couple days, and always by a wide margin: I have done the tutorials, build orders etc and even if I micro my villagers perfectly, I am behind at score from start to finish. Maybe with a short exception when my opponents advance age.

Even if the answer is “you just suck”, are there no opponents at my skill levels? Are there no other noobs playing? Why is seemingly every game such a crushing defeat?

It’s just very frustrating, that’s all. With proper matchmaking, it should be “win one, lose one” or whatever.


I actually lost more ranked when I first started the game when it was released. It was hard to get used to how everything looked and the game felt like it was going in fast motion and I was too slow.

Try to switch it up… play some death match, use your best Civ every time until you win, practice your build orders… and probably most importantly if somebody really hands you your hat and you were impressed by their play style - watch the recording and then practice their play style. I find team games are a good way to see other maybe better players… watch the leaders in a 4vs4 and pick up some moves

You’re just stuck in a rut. You’ll get some wins soon. I assure there are still plenty of noobs at this game. Good luck


some people have their elo down to 400. if you’re well above 400 then keep dropping elo and you’ll eventually find those less experienced players. If you’re losing by far just call gg early to get your elo to match your skill.


Basically what the guy above me said. Just keep playing (and dropping ELO) until you stabilize.

Honestly, seeing as you said you know build orders you definitely aren’t a noob at all.

Score is heavily biased on scouting early game and villager count late game. Are you just pushing in deer then staying one base the whole game?

it’s not the case
100 ELO can play with 1700 ELO against some other players (mb around ~1100 ELO)
100 ELO can be easily killed just by 2-3 scouts in 2 different spots cause he cant control units at all.

So yeah, ELO should be fixed

You have to lose until you find opponents your skill level. It’s just the reverse of a top player who wins over and over when starting until they reach an ELO high enough where there are players their skill level. It makes perfect sense … this isn’t an issue with AoE2 matchmaking specifically. ELO in general, for all games is like this. If everybody starts wtih the same rating then the very below average players will take a long while to get to a rating low enough that they are playing with players their level … just like how the very above average players will take a long while to get to a rating high enough that they are playing with players their level.

It’s how matchmaking and ELO works for ALL games. Not just AoE2 DE.

And don’t feel bad if you’re well below average ELO … there are indeed plenty of new players to the game, and you know build orders and you’re not THAT bad … but this game has been around since 1999 so there are just so many players that are very experienced and even many of them are only like average ELO.

Basically, the average is quite a high standard because this game has been played for so many years.


Be glad you get frustrated by losing the game fair and square i lose because the game drops on me just before my attack and btw you can still play 2v2 or 3v3 they will help you defend if you dont excell in early game