Ranked Gameplay

You should have to be a certain level to enter Ranked gameplay. I am sick of having players on my team who have no concept of how to play the game or ignore communication when offered help. Another common issue my friend and I have is teammates who DC within 5 minutes of the match start leaving the team in a 3v4 or 2v4 situation. There needs to be a standard on who can play ranked or not. It happens almost every game.

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Could not agree more!! Hope something happens im stuck in gold 1 because i always get a teammate that has no idea how to play or one that DC’s

I would only play 2v2 onwards with discord friends, for the same frustrations that you mention

communication is very important in team games


I wasn’t aware there was 4v4 ranked?
As far as communication, I think it’s a hindrance that the entire world is apparently on one server. More than half my games are with non-English players. Latency is my biggest issue.
Also, with the new taunts tied as an incentive for ranked placement - I foresee some players joining ranked matches just to immediately surrender and qualify for the rewards.

There should be some kinda punishment from leaving games tho would make ppl less likely to leave