Ranked games and things

What is or will be the difference between the current Quick Match Ranking system and the new ranking system planned for the next patch?

What is animation cancelling?

I prefer this game to aoe2. Am I unusual?

I’m working my way through the civs to become competent with each one. Done the English and nearly the French. Going to just go down the list and try Chinese next. Would like to see the Celts Civ. What bonuses should they give to a new Civilisations DLC and why?

I must be the best looking AOE player alive.

  1. It has cosmetic rewards (and I suppose more dedicated players)

  2. Something that has been patched away.

  3. That’s up for debate.

  4. It’s too early to tell what should go on with new Civ stuff.

  5. Pics fo’ prūf brúh.

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