Ranked Games no longer fun...yet again

You excite us with new civs, only to torment and bring us down harder due to the extreme balance issues and months of having to put up with it.

Nerf Mexico and Inca already, it’s not funny anymore.


Yes… and please nerf Brits while y’all are at it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Increase manor build time by 3 seconds, decrease XP gained from building manors by 4.

So simple.


Incas? You mean Maya maybe?

Also USA and Ethiopians still OP


Ummmm, no. I meant Inca. They’re completely broken right now with their FF Kallanka build, or their Native rush.


Matchmaking is also a total waste of time. 3 games each one Im with someone 50% lower elo than me vs mates in a clan who 200 + elo than me.

Why cant I see the total number of players searching and the elo ranges of players say +100/-100 elo than me.

Also mexcio is broken as hell. ff into cannons, how hell do you kill 4 fals at 6 mins lol ?


I’ve been told you rush it’s tc and two upgraded towers before they get too powerful.

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Or for that matter, two heavy cannons, 2 culverins, and 50 upgraded insurgents at 9 minutes?


With launch Sweden and Inca, launch TAR, Inca 2.0, and now Mexico, I’m not sure what else you were expecting.

Hilariously busted and obscenely overtuned new civs has been the status quo ever since the launch of the game, and stomping them into the ground only to release a new overpowered DLC civ has been the norm for a while now. USA was the exception to this, though they had plenty of busted units/mechanics (just mostly in the lategame, so they weren’t oppressive in supremacy). I fully expect Mexico to be stomped into the ground only for the Moroccans or some other OP civ to come out and repeat this process with the next DLC.


If it is a question of marketing, and the developers intend to destroy the balance constantly each new civ, for me they absolutely destroy it by reworking all the old civs, new shipments, policies and units.

Take my money if I can have fun again with all the old forgotten civs, and not die of envy every time a new civ comes out and it has so much more playability, variety and uniqueness.

And when you have the money and everyone is happy with the news but frustrated with the balance, let us help you to have a competitively balanced game.


Your replies are always a pleasure to read. Well done!


It’s really not hard to add new mechanics to the old civs to make them more interesting. In legacy, I did a mod that added some new civ features. For example, Brits could send in shipments of Gurkhas, Camels, and Elephants to help round out their army, Portugal got a free cow on each shipment with a slight XP curve penalty (this was before Hausa did the same thing), Russia could train Grens from Blockhouses, etc.

I’m sure with all of the new forgotten mechanics DE’s added, it wouldn’t be hard to retrofit a lot of this stuff to improve the old European civs, provided we don’t give them the stupidly OP stuff like Haciendas or age skipping.

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Personally, I’d caution the devs against making any changes to the old civs. I think they’re perfect the way they are and is absolutely the main reason people keep coming back to the game owing to the ease with which you can pick up the French or the Otto civs or most other civs really. They have that distinctive identity! So please, don’t bother touching it.

On the other hand, Mexico and any other upcoming civs(if any), will have to be handled with care to carve their own individualistic, unique identity. Not this, “I can do anything and everything better than any other civ in the game and get away with it” nonsense.


They’re constantly changing the old civs. They just gave them all cannons at the fort.

Making changes to old civs to accommodate newer ones, is a horrible design idea.

Too late. We’ve suffered through launch Sweden (which was Japan 2.0), launch Inca (drive-by Chasqui raids), Ethiopia/Hausa FREELO Tower Rushing, Inca 2.0 Kallanka spam, and now Mexico.

When we inevitably get Canada, I expect Moose lancers that deal splash siege damage with DOTs and a scaling ROF.


os mexicanos pra quem sabe jogar e praticamente pague pra ganhar, eu comprei e joguei com eles, as cartas são absurdamente fortes no supremacia e tratado também 120 de população praticamente você joga com a França pois eles tem gendarmes pra treinar nos fortes a economia e absurdamente quebrada. em ´´rush`´ tem 50 variações de estratégias e quase impossível prever o que eles vão fazer.


LMAO so true though.

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