Ranked games - what is this?


I just returned to AoE4 after some months because I was curious about the ranked games. Now I played about a dozen games, and I only met English and French players. Nothing else. Both using about the same turtling strategy all the time (I play HRE). Is this the normal thing?

Also, I got the lowest ranking, but the matchmaking system pairs me with players who are definitely no noobs. Like this, with a win rate of slightly under 50%, there’s no chance to even get to Bronze II. How should new players ever feel motivated to keep playing, like this? In my Starcraft II years, the ladder was a pretty precise reflection of my skills. This here feels completely unbalanced.

Maybe I misunderstand something here.

The problem is you have just started again, most players in bronze have still been playing the game and getting better

About 20% of players either pick French or english, so you got a 60% to get another civ.

Check aoe4world for stats

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There are alot of reasons to this.

  • Those two civs are the easiest to pilot so most people pick them because of this.

  • The Singleplayer Campaign starts with those two that fight eachother so people that , after playing the tutorial and the first campaign and maybe second, jump into multiplayer are more familiar with those two.

Thats why in lower to mid rank you will bump into more French and English.

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Thanks for answering. It is really only French and English. And me as a HRE player has mostly no chance against very conservative strategies. It was different before, when the internal ranking didn’t exist yet. I am not a great player, but this is weird and feels very out of balance.