Ranked map pool

When i as a relatively good player play ranked, what do i want? I want to practice for possible future tournaments and generally want to try and get better as a player.

What do i get?
Altai, hill n dale, lipany, hideout

Campy, shitty maps that promote a playstyle that i will never have use for in “real” (tournament) games.

If ranked is ment to be “competitive”, it should also reflect what is played in the competitive scene in terms of maps. Why is that so difficult?

Forest ponds for example, a pretty terrible knockoff of the actually good map; Four Lakes. Why would it be so hard to just get the “real” map into the pool? Why do they want to create their own?

Its gotten so bad that ancient spires, a map that pretty much everyone has disliked since the release of the game is actually one of the maps i don’t mind so much.

Seriously, the map pool needs to be changed dramatically, at this point im better off just playing customs, which is pretty sad.