Ranked Map Rotation

Can we please have the ranked map pool rotate automatically like every 2 weeks or month or so? Just have the game automatically remove 3 maps and add 3 others because the same few maps on ranked is incredibly boring. I’d honestly prefer this over updates or anything especially if they are slowing down now because it makes the game a bit more fresh at least. I want to see maps like deccan and new england back in rotation.

It can’t be hard to have the game do this automatically and it would be a tremendous change.


Why not? New england was a fantastic map with the ponds in the middle, option to go water, natives, tp line etc. Deccan is more of a team map I suppose but even these maps aside just the rotation of the ranked map pool would be nice, it’s so boring playing the same few maps for half a year when there are so many maps that could be used.

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new England at least doesn’t allow different crate starts while being flush with resources. Its also flexible enough for several strategies albeit yeah does favor some civs more than others. But we have so many other good maps now, there is no need where as in RE we had just a few maps that werent bad.

I’d rather not see Deccan ever again for a pixel point related game. Deccan is just where the most nightmare games spawn, especially in teams. 1v1 it was usually just like who can pop the most absurd shipments fastest and dont miss it there. I still remember the 40 ashi 4 minute game on a 2v2 while the other guy livestock boomed. such great times :frowning: