Ranked Matches Crash Frequently Since Patch

I didn’t use to have this problem very much at all before, but ever since the update/patch my ranked team games crash very frequently.

I would say every 3rd game crashes. At different times, too. Early game. Mid. Late. Doesn’t matter. Everything freezes, then boom, crash to desktop. I am playing on Steam and do not currently have the UHD DLC enabled.

When I had this issue before, I updated my page file settings to open up more RAM for the game. Not sure what else to do. It is very frustrating…


I am having this issue on unranked 4 vs ai. it happens 20 mins into the game to different ones of us.

since the new patch, my game is keep crashing. first the game lags heavily, then after 3 seconds everything stops, then the game speeds up to catch up, then it freezes forever. its really really frustrating

Same for my friends and me. Game freezes and shortly after, crash to desktop. This occured first time after the December update.

Same. Had maybe 1 crash the first day of release, but has happened 4-5 times the last few days.

Hi, how much? I recommend to put it on default system managed, so windows decides if more is needed.

Similar experiences for me. In the previous patches I did not experience crashes (just low fps) excepted with an external monitor on full screen. Now I don’t have any external monitor and it crashes often
I’ve tried to play the same campaign game and I had 4 crashes over 5 attempts.
When it worked, it worked all the way through (probably an hour of game).
For the 4 first attempts at playing the campaign I was trying for each of them to reload after crash thanks to Autosave. Each time it consistently crashed roughly at the same time after loading the autosave.
I don’t even know how to share saved games but if developers are interested I can try to share one that crashes soon after being loaded

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My game crashed in the same way today.

Exactly the same issue with me and my friends.

I changed it back to the default system managed a few days ago. Still having the same issue. So it was not the page file settings.

Does anyone know of a fix for this? Getting insanely frustrating playing a ranked match and having my game completely crash mid-game.

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