Ranked matchmaking suggestion

Quite simple and efficient.

10 maps based on users’ vote which would rotate every 14 days (similar to the the July update).

Pick civ or random civ BEFORE you click to search for a game.

Opponent found -> game starts immediately and you find out about the map in the loading screen.

No map bans, no favourite maps. Just random civs (even if you pick a civ, you don’t know if the civ will be good for the randomly selected map) in random maps.


I think the update they plan for July (Prefered Map + option of random civ for both players), is very good, almost close to perfect, as far as I’m concerned.
They are doing a pretty good job in that regard, and going for what the majority is requesting.

There is no objective perfect system as “perfection” will depend on a person’s tastes. No map bans means people won’t be able to play on the maps they want. For some it’s a good thing, but for most people it isn’t.

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Well, i personally like the ramdom civ aproach…

But AOE is a strategy game, and choose a civ for each map is very strategic…As well as ban…

Your suggestion will make the game less strategy and more luck, not a good thing…

Having that 1 minutes is great. Sometimes a player is AFK and see they have a match and returns to the game. Immediately starting isnt great.

Not everyone likes every map, so this is not really a good idea.

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