Ranked multiplayer experience is (still) trash

Isn’t 90% of the playerbase just in single player anyway ? Then it is pointless to look at Steam curves, probably only a small fraction of it plays ranked.

Sure, blame the devs and then proceed to suggest yourself an utterly stupid idea. Score is a completely unreliable indicator of your overall performance during the match, especially in team games where the flanks always have lower score than pockets. I’ve had multiple games where one of my teammates was holding 1v2 and ended up having much lower score than the others. I’ve also had matches where the pocket did nothing but boom and ends up highest score despite throwing the game by not helping his flank. If score now becomes an indicator then say goodbye to rushes because everyone will just boom and play defensive to boost their stats.

Other points are true but not as bad as you make them sound, at least not in my experience. If anything I would suggest the TG Elo inflation as well in your list because it is a concerning problem that can easily be solved

This stability is huge factor. I know way to many players who left just cause they didnt want to deal with random drops and especially lagging. Its almost year out and game still crashes way too often. I rate this game 10/10 based on content but 5/10 or maybe less for stability.