Ranked multiplayer should be disabled for many players

Ranked multiplayer should be disabled for many players.

Namely for family shared accounts and people which dont reach 1150 benchmark score.

Regarding customs lobbies the host should be able to put a limit on ratings and also a limit on the benchmark score, to deny certain people to join the lobby.


Your suggestion is reasonable tbf, but it is so hard to happen. I think the family stuff thing is something belong to steam and I doubt they can do anything about it. For the benchmark I agree but this may also increase the queuing time because I don’t think it will be a small number that will get affected by this decision. For lobbies I also agree, in lobbies the host should be able to put any role he wants with no limits.

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I doubt the ranked profile would be determined by steam

I think it’s more the fact it would require Devs to put effort into controlling it, but I’m sure it can be done. I’m just assuming they either don’t care(most likely) or don’t have the resources to do it(spending time fixing bugs and making another etc)

Because that’s the arbitrary cut off point at which you will get to play? :slight_smile:

I assume you realize the benchmark score has a completely arbitrary scale. It would make more sense to adjust the scale rather than change the cutoff point. However since you seem to have a strong opinion, why don’t you provide more tangible game related performance metric that players should achieve to be allowed to play. You must have some FPS in mind (to be more specific, under the specific load of the benchmark test)? Or something else?

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This is a poor idea. For one thing, you cannot necessarily determine if an account is shared by family members (Which is in fact the right of the purchaser, and a private matter at that). Disparities in performance can be due to a wide range of things, including undiagnosed medical issues, morning losing coffee (It is a thing), and so on. The ELO limit has other issues.

I’ts not an arbitrary limit, because the lower the score the more shit runs the game. And there are instances of people with 1100 benchmark score lagging the hell out of a 4v4 lategame.
The limit could also be 1120 or 1170 or 1080 and then updated if people still get the yellow marker on an Ara games.

It’s about using the benchmark tool the way it’s intended.

And not letting people pass, which have the yellow marker in feudal when there are 200 units only.