Ranked play is broken af

Competitive play is out of question when elo ( rank system ) is as broken as it is now.

  • You queue up for a game
  • Ban one map from a map pool consisting of 90% ■■■■■■ maps
  • Wait 10-ish minutes ( what the ■■■■? )
  • Get into a game
  • No elo is shown on your teammates so you got no idea who you’re playing with
  • Game pushes into 30 minutes and your teammates are still in feudal age
  • Lose the game as you’re the only one on your team who knows how to play

I mean, no offense to new players who are letting down experienced players. It’s not their fault that the developers couldn’t create a simple rank-system. How on earth is it possible to make such a broken system where elo is totally ignored and you just get queued with some random people who could vary from 1000-1600 elo? And when you DO lose, you lose about 21 elo??

Last game pushed me to make this post, I was playing arabia with two guys (who didn’t talk by the way), rushed their pocket, rushed my flank, castled and held 2v1. My pocket was still in feudal at 30 minute mark, likewise for the other flank. I beat my flank but when their 3. teammate shows up, it’s all over for me. I get punished hard with a -21 elo.

Fix this please


I think the game is lacking players. Before the patch, i played 3 1v1 games in sucession against the same person - i still fell sad for him, he was new to the game.
If you search for a game for 10 minutes, and then play with low elo people, the only explanation i can think is a lack of players.

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I wonder why :thinking:

I checked steamdb.info, in the Age of Empires 2 DE and the HD page.
I gotta say, i don’t like the DE numbers at all. Shoulda be more.

Maybe forcing people to play maps they don’t want to play was a bad idea. Maybe?

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I guess the question is - what is a high ranked player and what is fun?

Yo my boy microsoft here gonna release a fix in march guys. Let’s all be patient.

By march i will propably be hyped for some AOE3 DE news and AOE2 will be long forgotten.

That’s kinda the joke :stuck_out_tongue: