Ranked Ragequit and i got no ELO


so i played a ranked game today. After realizing he coudn’t win one of my enemies disconnected so that the game would be restored and noone would win or lose points in the game.
The players name was [redacted] wich was shown as we were told that the game would be saved for restoring.
I really think that players shouldn’t be able to do that just to grief the winning team. is there any way that you can fix this problem?
i would really appreciate it because this game now was just a waste of time for everyone.
Also because the game was saved for restoring i wasn’t able to report him for doing so.
I really think that the winning team at least should still get their points for winning. It is just not fair that you are able to grief others that way

pretty sure that wasnt intentionaly to screw yall out of elo pts… also it was more likely the server that kicked yall.as this is a known issue (people being dropped,server dropping everyone, desync etc… as opposed the the lower probability event that he did it intentionally…