Ranked saturated with Briton and Huns?

So I’m only starting out on team ranked (about 8 games in) and I havent played a match without 1 hun (usually 2) and at least 1 briton. all 8 games. I know its not much, but is this going to be the rest of the wooden league?

I know its only the wooden league, but its getting pretty stale already. Are the other factions really that much weaker for newer players? Why is there no absolute hard counter to longbowmen+tribs? Feels like starcraft with void ray spam all over again.

I’m still winning 50% of matches., but doesnt mean i wouldnt like to face different factions.

I guess it’s because they are easy civs to play (since you’re starting ranked you’re up against new ranked players I guess) and both their team bonuses are straightforward buffs to archer and cav rushes. However there are definitely some better team civs like Berbers or Cumans.

I’m pretty much sure Eagle warriors eat that any time of the day (btw I’m surprised you didn’t see that much meso civs, those are even more meta)

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ah that makes sense! yeah i love berbers and cumans. so far ive only seen incan (i main inca, but ive seen thema couple times in unranked games but not ranked) havent seen a single aztec or mayan in ranked or unranked. maybe theyll come if i make my way up the ladder

Aztec and Mayan are very common in 1vs1

Britons and Huns have very predictable army compositions… should be easy to counter. And they both lack siege. Defend early and bomb them with siege Onagers or attack earlier and deprive them from their ideal army


I will have to disagree here. Both have some of the best trebuchets avalaible, and Britons get Siege engineer while Huns get Siege rams.

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I was speaking of siege workshop units. Siege Onagers and bombard canons

Siege onagers are rare unit (however bombard cannon is widespread enough its lack can be seen as a detriment) However Warwolf makes up for the lack of BBC, and Onagers with SE are OK (and Britons have Heavy Scorpion if you feel like using this). Siege ram is always useful even without SE so it helps both Huns and Turks to make up for not getting onagers.

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Depends… siege Onagers are common in BF and Large team games… I’m just pointing out the main weakness of both Britons and Huns. A few good Onager shots will wipe out large groups of halberdiers and Skirmishers which is exactly what Britons and Huns will always have to deal with. I see more Britons in 1vs1 play… mostly Aztec and Mayan though. Not sure what ranking the OP is playing at

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