Ranked sytem:


I think AoE 2 will survive us all.
So why not keep improving the game!
In the game, I don’t like how badly done the Ranked system is or not.

It wants a properly rated ladder. For example, Bronze, Silver, Gold League, etc.

Better maps, better balanced.

Simply and clearly, today’s modern multiplayer PvP 1x1 wants it.

AoE 4 will not have such a long life …

These kind of leagues are just place holder for elo. There isnt anything special about these otherwise.

Pretty vague statement and is also pretty subjective. What defines good or better balanced for maps? Some people like Arabia, others like Arena, others Black Forest, …

Again a pretty vague statement. I dont really know what you meant with this statement.


Improving the game doesnt make them money. DLC’s do - why put effort into fixing various things so we have a voobly like lobby system, save and exit, fixing TG inflation, Pathing etc. when people are diddly enough to buy your DLC anyway