Ranked Treaty still doesnt work!

Wins sometimes count of losses and losses sometimes count as wins, been this way for years and with the increasing players numbers, now would be a great time to fix it.

I dont feel as if I need to describe the issue in detail as the devs know of it and have acknowledged it here on the forums multiple times.

The reason why this is such a big issue is that there is no way of knowing how good/bad players are currently without a working ranking system, so there is no growth in terms of competition as players without ratings or low ratings always get kicked from higher level lobbies. There is no way to work up the ranks to get to a high level therefore no incentive to get better at the game which in turn reduces player activity.

I would have thought it would be in the development teams best interests to keep players playing their game?

P.s We are also suffering from servere performance issues, many games go out of sync in treaty 40 atm.


The Treaty community is highly affected by crashes and OOS. Lag is also very common: the more you wall the map, the more lag it is…

The bug with the wins counting as losses and vice-versa was solved on the latest patch. Played today 4 games of 2v2 Ranked Treaty 40 and all of them were counted properly. @FedSmoker5827