Ranked Treaty when?

Maybe the only good thing in AoE3 that should be ported :slight_smile:

I dont think enough people want to play with this setting. I think there arent many games in the lobby that use this feature as well. As result i dont think we want this as part of ranked.


one word stands out here.


Would be an interesting idea, although personally not my cup of tea. Since they are quite often nerfing early aggression, I would see this getting implemented as natural progression.

Lets phrase it different: Please show me that it is a popular setting in the lobby.
Ranked isnt the place for some niche games. So please proof for me treaty setting isnt a niche.

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cup of tea* I think you meant xaxaxa

But ye would be nice to have a treaty mode for some civs and certain peeps

AoE II treaty is not that fun to be honest unless you are playing as Portuguese or another gunpowder civ in which case it becomes mind-blowingly fun.

Why people want ranked optiom of things that are not competitive? We already have bf fixes in the mappool. Now we’re getting michi… And you want treaty games but ranked? All this before having Empire wars ranked? Seriously?

Isn’t treaty pretty much making arena on another map. No aggression in a specific boxed area. I would ban it but to each their own. How long would you want the treaty for?

Whenever I play treaty games I set it to 60 minutes.

There will never be ranked treaty. Since you could always win by walling in your enemy’s TC. Plus, it kind of ruins the whole rush gameplay. Just play some choke pointy scenarios if you want a long game.

You cant wall your opponent in well as anything outside treaty box is open game and you can’t build in a box. I just think 60min then the time it takes to win is going to be quite boring in-between fights.

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I swore you could do that? Maybe they changed it. Regardless, it would be boring.

Isnt the game already too slow? why to add a non aggression period in the matchmake games? I dont get it. I do find it fun when I play this mode in the lobbies from time to time tho

? People who choose treaty won’t care lol
Do you think AoE3 20 min treaty players cry about not being able to rush?

IF this option was added, it would just add another option for people playing multiplayer (20 min and 40 min options).

before DE you could still earn elo through treaty games :slight_smile: