Ranked... why i am assignated to play with low level players? i now think lobbys rank as 2005 was better

please change the logarithm for team games 3vs3 o 4vs4
i prefer not to find a match that play a match where my partnerts are so bad

i was agaisnt the system of previous age of empires 3 2005, but showing subtenient, seargeant etc levels as 2005, was better than the system right now, because we cannot assure a good match between persons of same level.


i continue…

literally now in ranked we are playing versus people really really really bad, complete novice, first game in his life.

i found a guy that didnt even gather his starting crates on minute 8

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Probably best for team to play lobby rather than quick search games.

Yeah DE is trash when it comes to assembling balanced team games.