Is it fair to just instantlly leave a game once u see your oponent is rus? Like I don’t feel the effort you need to put into winning a game vs the faction that has been top 1 since the game released is worth, might aswell just not waste 20 mins until he with 1 tc outperforms any other civ in everysingle metric or is able to defend vs harassment with the kremlin which allows to host units + spam anti cav units, while gaining gold for just building a building next to wood for unkown reasons while he’s scouts get gold too for killing everysingle animal on the map.
After writting this I kinda reached my own conclussion, of vs rus is intant alt+f4 as it’s not worth the effort, oh and I forgot the super wooden walls that the avarage rus players uses to block the whole fucking map where I need 30 units or 2 siege arietes to bring down while I see 1 rus civ building the chiense wall behinde it laughing at my pathetic attempt

At your level the civ choice probably makes zero difference.

Just try your best against it.

Skill level is so much more important than your civ selection.

When you see you’re behind and losing the game, i think it’s fair to resign. But there’s no point resign just because of civ choice.

Also matchup plays a big role, some civ will struggle more against rus, some more against English, some more against mali.

What civ you play?

Kinda disagree when I can win against everysingle one except rus, ofc I lose to all civs at some point but not get a 90% lose ratio against rus.

I play french

Harassment with knights is borderline impossible due to the kremlin, he’s economy starts stronger I just lost while he was on age 2 with 1 tc vs me at age 3 with 2 tc by the share ammount of untis he poured, I stopped 40 untis + 3 arietes but cost me my army and some buildings ot then see again 3 arietes and 60 units finishing the job off

Sorry what i meant is that Rus being Top 1 has very little impact if not playing at top level.

It’s possible that Rus is the hardest matchup for you because of your playstyle, but not because rus is better.

Maybe try a different playstyle. For example if you tend to always rush with knights. Maybe going 2 tc instead could be an alternative. Or going castle age faster so you can get knights royal bloodlines with the tech landmark.

I don’t think harassment with knights is the best way to fight Rus.

If you arent playing in like mid-high conqueror, Rus isn’t really OP. French Rus matchup is actually pretty even, just make sure you go 2nd scout and deny some deer patches. You will probably have to go 2 TC to match theirs since it’s hard to early raid. However Rus player will run out of safe food quickly so you can punish that.

Also if they summon a bunch of gremlin’s you have to run away unless you drastically outnumber their army. They are just too good vs knights, fortunately they can only do it once every like 10 minutes.

If you are in 1v1, you don’t have to play matchups you hate. As long as you aren’t purposely tanking rating to smurf on people, you do you.