So the UI looks pretty good.
Wondering if there will be a rank system, and is clearly seen in the loading screen going into game ?

Whether be a “ribbon” appearance aesthetic (bronze to grandmaster). Something like this would be good… otherwise find no real purpose to go on ranked.


I’m probably most interested in this.
How and according to what players will be evaluated. If they are good or bad.

Because someone only plays for a quick victory. Rush.
Someone is playing a long macro game.
And someone plays both and depending on how the game develops, etc.
I like it when the players are really balanced.

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If you win you are good, if you lose you are not that good.
That is how it is done basically in every ranked ladder out there no ?

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Maybe there will be a ranking. I don’t think you know if it’s there or not.

Surely they will have something like elo score again.

Interested to see will that only be score or rank related the score too.

Can’t tell 2200 is high or low without a rank to compare.

I just want it to stand out, like in starcraft.
Not some one line non-sense… "1st lieutenant* … Zzz.

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it would just suck, there has to be a sc2 style rank, otherwise it will be tragic.


u are right 1000000000000000000000000000%

SC2 rank system has “flatter” distribution, it’s beneficial to find similar opponent.

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