Rathas Trample Damage

What do you think about this idea?


I think its a terrible idea honestly. Historically accurate? Maybe. But rathas are technically also out of time frame

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Not for Bengalis. Afaik they used it till 8th-9th century.

On topic, I think it won’t hurt. But -

1.Having +3 attack bonus against spearman line in ranged mode should be given like all CA units. Can be a direct +2 to all infantry in general.
2. May have +2 bonus CA armor so that they don’t die to skirmishers so hard.


The awkwardness of Ratha’s stems at least in part from how it’s one unit that can do everything. It is ranged, but also melee when that’s stronger, it’s fast. It’s the cav archer of cav archers, the most versatile thing on the field. And that is a problem for balancing the unit. If you’re a jack of all traits, you’ll be a master of none.

Where I’m going with this? I don’t feel like the solution to a unit being too versatile to be properly balanced is to make it more versatile and have it do even more things. Maybe make it a trash unit while we’re at it, with a bonus vs buildings. Sorry, my sarcastic side escaped its pen for a moment there.


I can’t remember it properly. Right after DOI release, someone said that melee Ratha might have trample damage during early build/beta as he found some stats using Advanced Genie Editor.

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Wow that gives some hope.

This is very true however…

… I don’t agree on this one. It’s not fast to get to but if you can mass rathas and get all the upgrades they are very strong. Just had a game vs mongols and rathas destroyed mangudai, it’s not even remotely close. Same for most other units (generic or UU in the game).

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Or it is the opposite. That was removed for a reason.

Yes. I continue to think that Rathas are usually underestimated as a unit because of Bengalis’ overall weaknesses. People always bring up the skirmisher weakness, but like any CA unit, you can just run away, and unlike all other CA units, you can switch to melee and take a decent engagement even vs skirms. Bengalis probably still need more buffs. Rathas? Not convinced. The only buff I would consider giving them outright is greater accuracy (possibly via Paiks).


Rathas need a better ranged attack, 5(6) is way lower than other cav UUs, if it is 6(7) then they are a bit more on line with other cav archer UUs, nerf the base ROF from 2.0 to 2.3 and make Paiks from 20% to 33% to offset it.

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Wish for trample damage gained for Rathas from Mahayana research.

Currently it is useless, 100 villagers give just 10 extra space which is same as Goth bonus. Goths get the space free with just 1 extra house (25wood) while Bengalis have to spend 800wood650gold which is VERY VERY EXPENSIVE

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this makes them more reliant on tech, when the unit is already heavily reliant on tech, if anything i would buff ROF(or keep ROF the same), and have paiks NOT affect them. and then potentially increase dmg. so the unit doesnt need so much tech. its at something like 16 tech already

just in castle age its something like 10. thats too much on a civ that is already weighted for late game. iaw i think either make the tech more meaningful or reduce the quantity required. bengali already have the EA deathball as a late game composition. i think the design of the ratha clashes with it

i really like the idea, but only in melee mode (some have suggested even in ranged mode)

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Buff Ratha? Sure, but ranged mode, not melee.
Castle Age Parthian Tactics, more accuracy through Paiks or Thumb Ring, whatever.

Why? I find them awful in melee mode in anything but killing rams. Their giant collision size makes them awful in pathing


Yes, melee Ratha might only be able to repel skirmishers and rams, but wouldn’t that be decent enough?
Like he stated:

Melee mode should be an aid to ranged mode rather a main power. It still has to be a CA-like UU after all.