Rather add more CIVs and campaigns better than FIX AND IMPROVE the game FIRST

  1. For example fix the units especially HOME CITY NPC AND SHIPS through each other directly, at least not allow them to hit each other as Invisible person.
  2. The reason why Men of War so realistic is because the dead body and equipment, artillery left in battlefield never disappear even can pick up to reuse them,I have no idea why no other RTS game follow such advanced idea.
  3. WALL MUST BE REWORK, allow player to deploy troops on the wall.
  4. SHIPS should add few crews, just like artillery has crew to operate it.
  5. Napoleon Bonaparte with Bourbon flag(or the monarch should replaced with Louis XV), St. Petersburg with St. Basil’s Cathedral(Russian monarch also should change to Peter the Great) etc, these mistakes should already fixed with DE release, unfortunately Microsoft decides to fully turn into “woke”, only care about American Indians’ feeling never care about other civilizations’ multiple mistakes.
  6. “Indians” should at least separate 4 individual factions: Mughal, Maratha, Sikh, and Durrani, you don’t have to make them all playable, my advise is change the name from Indians into Mughal and allow it ally with Maratha, Sikh and Durrani etc(Home City Cards), that means except Mughal is playable the rest of nations in South Asia will appear as supporting characters.
  7. “Germans” better renamed as Prussia, also giving it ally cards with support units from multiple German Kingdoms, but most important is must allow it to training Musketeer or giving it Musketeer cards/technology(similar with Blue Guards) first~

The civs represent peoples first and foremost and not nation-states or political entities. The French and Germans are fine as they are. The Germans clearly represent many different German states and not just Prussians.


Sounds like you want a whole new game, just wait until aoe4 india is mughal in aoe4.


I just want the game IMPROVED, I can’t tolerate AOE4 such a garbage even 1 minute.
I always want to see AOE3’s mistakes be fixed and bring more content, after I saw first trailer in 2019, I never expecting AOE4 for anything.

AOE3 never clearly define “nation” and “people” from day 1, that’s why we choose Prussia as protagonist, the other German Kingdoms as supporting characters.

grow up entitled manchild


So you mostly complain about small cosmetic details that most people don’t care about at all.
Queen Elisabeth was never Queen of Britain, only of England and Ireland.
Isabella was also only Queen of Castile and never Spain.
Napoleon is not the only wrong monarch.
Gall was also never leader of the Lakota he was essentially just a general.

Also Germany is basically the Holy Roman Empire. There is basically nothing Prussian about them. Their Skirmishers are called Needle Gunners and the NPC ruler is Prussian but that’s basically it.
If you’d replace the ruler and rename the Needle Gunners (that don’t look like Needle Gunners at all) than it would just be the HRE.

And also splitting India in 4 factions would be adding new Civilisations.


You should read again.

When seeing “fix and improve” I thought you were talking about performance and stability.

Flags and leaders were not meant to be consistent. They pick one actual flag from that historical period and one actual leader from that historical period. These do not need to be consistent.
Some flags were changed in DE because the previous flags were either rarely used, or were actually army standards instead of national flags, or were purely made up.

You may find it odd because AOE3 only has one leader for each nation (which requires a lot of work because of unique dialogues). In AOE2 you can have Alfred the Great with the Plantagent coat of arms and that is never a problem, or something that needs to be “improved”.

EDIT: There is probably a tendency of intentionally using the “unfamiliar” or “less modern” design at least in original AOE games, such as using names like “Britons”, “Saracens”, “Teutons” (which are either too broad, too narrow or anachronistic) in AOE2, or using the pre-1800 Union Jack (while the “modern” Union Jack existed in 1800s which also matches the time period), Burgundian cross for Spain, and very a rare version of the Dutch tricolor, and of course the fleur-de-lis in AOE3.


I thought this was a post addressing the serious bugs of the game, but its another cry of the “its not historically accurate”.

The main fixes needed are:

a) Pathing of units and Herds;
b) Attack Move doesnt work correctly;
c) Unit target prioritization are Wrong.

However you make superfulous complaints about changing the unchangable:
2 and 3 - Captured units or units on walls means changing a LOT of code and mechanics of a 15y old game;;
4 - Why??? Artilery units dont have separate crews from the unit;
5 6 and 7 - It has to do with how the game was developed. Sure i can agree that the tricolor should be the french flag and that some models of buildings in HC should be changed but changing indians and germans is WAY to costly and its simply too late.

Also “wokeness” is adressing the myths and prejudice regarding disfranchised communities, not “historical accuracy”. You dont have discrimination based on the flags you put on the civs, but many still reagard native americans as a magical people who have a special connection with nature and can magically summon bears or wolves, or dance around the fire.


Gall wasn’t even a general, he was basically just a Captain of a small selection of warriors that specifically chose to follow him. If you wanted an actual leader of the Lakota during this time period, the only ones I’ve been able to find that would quantify as a leader on the level of Queen Elizabeth or Isabella would be Chief Sitting Bull or Chief Eagle Woman.

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Maybe because the Lakota/Sioux home city is Hunkpapa, and Gall was a Hunkpapa leader.

hard disagree, 2 of them existed for less than 100 years. also this is essentially adding new civs. Sikhs are a native group and work perfectly well.

the Mughals and Maratha confederacy both ruled over the same land, you dont get double representation just because you exist as 2 (4) political entities at different times.

germans are represented as their nation, not as their individual smaller kingdoms. while 1 could argue for a rework i see no reason to change the name.

would be cool, but almost certainly would murder the the games framerates.

i dont want the game to get dark like this, AOE is suppose to be fun.


From what I can tell, you just want an entirely new game. A lot of those things would take far too much time to code into the game and would change fundamentals about the gameplay that a huge swath of the playerbase would dislike.
This is Age of Empires. This isn’t Men of War. If you want that design, go play Men of War.

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Unit conversion typically murders balance. That thing has no place here.