Re-instate the French consulate to how it was originally since the start of DE

Even for China it’s not really that helpful. According to devs, tea export was supposed to be an opening card (allowing you to get 300f to get to Age II sooner with France for example) but the timings are pretty much not viable for this end since the trickle nerf to 0.4; same thing with sending the food trickle with Germany. This is why people are using the card more as a second shipment.


I think the card nerf should be revisited or reworked to serve the purpose it was designed for. Perhaps by separating it in 2 cards, one with a short term opening purpose with the consulate + a ‘‘raw’’ amount of export that allows you to afford something like 300food or food trickle right away. A second one with a 1 export trickle x second for long-term.

Additionally I think it would be good to allow the porcelain tower to produce all resources it can produce when tasked in all at once (natural resources, export and xp) separately as well in a proportional way like it works for natural resources too.