(Re-)Playing anyones recorded game at chosen time

When I watch T90s LEL games, I often wonder at what point could I turn the game from losing players side still around. This brought me to the idea, that it would be amazing if one could choose a specific time of a recorded game and open a lobby of this game at the given point in time, where you can invite players to play from the perspective of the original players of this match. (So unlike in loading a crashed game, the players don’t have to be the same as in the original game.)
While this might not be something that the common player would use a lot, it would be a great in certain situations:

  • If you want to practice and want to see how you could have won a game that you’ve lost in the past (probably especially interesting for pro gamers, but also for everyone who wants to become better). If you lost a game on the ladder, a friend could play from the perspective of your opponent. Would be amazing to try out different strategies in situations that you don’t get into every game, like the super-late game or chaotic off-meta games.

  • When you saw an amazing match of pro players (or Low Elo Legends) and you want to jump into the game with a friend at some point to see how it would play out between you two.

  • When a friend claims that their position is impossible to handle, you could switch roles, play from their point of view and show them what they could have done (Don’t expect the complaining to stop though :wink:).

Another arguement for adding a feature like that is, that it’s probably not that much effort for the devs to implement:

  • A similar feature exists already with loading a crashed game. So this would not be much different than saving the recorded game at a certain point and loading it again (only that any player can join as any original player).

  • Also in the co-op campaings it is possible to invite players to scenarios and choose the player they want to play.

What do you think about a feature like this? :slight_smile:


I think it would be a neat but niche idea. I don’t know what tech/ work would be involved to make it a reality but suspect it would be more work than it’s worth for the few players that would use it.

But again I think it would be neat, especially for when everyone on stream shouts what would be the correct play… then you can literally hand them the game and say “ok you do it”.


Might be a bit niche yeah, though I could imagine that especially pro players could make good use of it for training.

But I think the effort to implement it should not be huge, since it is in principle not different to saving a game (as it is done when a game crashes) and loading it again in a lobby. So basically you’d only need to allow players to save a recorded game like they can save it while playing and then also allow them to invite any player to play from any players POV. Don’t know the exact effort, but it would not be a completely new concept.