Readability of Buildings

From watching the gameplay trailer yesterday and taking note of Nakamura’s comments during his analysis of the gameplay trailer, I feel that there is a lot of building clutter within the English city. I’m not sure whether this depicts the actual core English civ buildings or scenario editor buildings and objects were placed to make the English city look like it came from a medieval city builder game.

I appreciate that some buildings have elements which clearly identify them, for example an archery range with targets, however there are several buildings within the English city from the trailer which do not have a clear function from a glance. There appeared to be at least three buildings which looked like a church, a couple buildings which could have been a blacksmith and a couple buildings which looked like some variation of a castle. Easily recognizing the function of a building at a glance is important for an Age game, especially since the civs appear to be somewhat unique. If the unknown buildings are core English civ buildings, perhaps they offer unique units or techs.


Below the blacksmith was a goldsmith. A little pile of gold was put at the corner of that building.

I’m not sure. It’s possible that building is a market.

Hmm. That’s a good one. Yet a goldsmith would be logical for middle ages. The first banks.

Did you see any other resources piled up near the building? That could be an indication.

Traditionally the size of a market is bigger. The size of this building was the same as the blacksmith across the street.

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