Real hotkey configuration implemented?

The single largest critical issue I had during the the stress test was that you could no change your hotkeys. Well you could, but only by making everything that was bounded to Q change at the same time, which was a horrible solution.

Now they have released the default hotkeys for the game:

If you look at the list of commands it seems that almost all commands have an alternative key now (similar to how it works in SC2). I can not remember if this was the case during the stress test? And if you look at the comments for the the ESC key it says “Not user remappable”. This is the only key that have that comment which should mean that all the other keys are re-mappable.

Does this mean that we have a real hotkey configuration implemented now where we can change the hotkey for everything?


No, as is typical, all feedback has been and will be ignored.


can we use mouse keys? and rebind f1 and so on?

You could already rebind F1 though couldn’t you? Haven’t seen anything about mouse buttons though :confused:

Yes, you could do this in the stress even. You just have to use the grid model for building stuff (q for dark age builds, w for feudal, e for castle and r for imperial) as opposed to old aoe games where like q could be economic and w or whatever for military. We also seem to be missing traditional select all TC, ranges, stables etc hot keys

Edit: you might need to program your mouse buttons to a key (for example one of my non number pad mouse buttons is set to period for idle villagers)

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