Real Named Scouts

Hi Relic! Can you please add real name of the scouts in the beginning of the game? Exampel when i play mongols the name of the scout is: Khan Scout. It should be Ginghiz Khan the real name of the big leader of the Mongols, We want real names of the leaders on every civ. It would be so much more autentic.

Why scouts specifically? Scouts aren’t the same as the Explorers from AoE3.

I think there should be a hero mode where each civilization has his own hero right at the start of the game .

Furthermore a more lively AI is important. When taunts get introduced a leader from a civilization can react to the taunt. Not just a faceless AI which is not as fun as in AOE3 or Stronghold.

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We nees real name real historik names tonthe begıning of the game. Like Ghingiz Khan with special wepond and stats.

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Dont go back to the History mate. Learn of the history and look forward. And why not? Why can it work on age2 and not 4. would it not be cool i you have ginghiz khan named in your game? call it king or scout thata not the point

I didn’t say there shouldn’t be units named after historical figures, I said there’s no reason scouts should be it given they’re expendable.

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