Really Bad Performance Still

This was actually when my FPS was high! It was ranging between 0-20 fps with 2 players that had quit and it was god awful to play with, I could barely move my screen and microing was impossible. My computer wasnt even being used as you can see top right, fans were hardly spinning. Constantly crashing still, even in lobby.

Also whats up with the messed up textures (left of the screen)? Ive had that since day one.

This is not acceptable!

Windows 10
Nvidia Intel
Stable 70mb net
No mods

P.s Nerf Carolean plz.

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Screenshot of setting please.

Everything low except shadows and performance settings on nvidia cp.

Is Super Sampling at 200% ?
Also try going to nvidia control panel - manage 3D settings - (either global settings or program settings) and turn on image sharpening

Its not like that from a game start. It only happens when I play an extremely laggy and long game like the one from the screenshot. I dont think a setting is going to change that.

and what are ur pc spec’s ?

don’t play 3v3 if your pc can hardly run the game.

By the way, saying those things
Windows 10
Nvidia Intel

Is like saying you have a white pc…