Really excited about historical battles, and their choices

Anyone would like to share their wishlists of historical battles?

I would personally appreciate it if the game goes beyond the scope of colonial wars when it comes to European countries. Because AOEIII is one of the very few RTS games on the early modern period, I really wish to see some important battles in Europe in this period. I’d also interested to have more historical contents in Asia (the Chinese campaign is mostly fictional, the Japanese & Indian ones are more historical-based but with a limited perspective).

Here’s my list:

  • Aztec vs Spain (some nostalgia from AOEII) or Neo-Inca resistance against Spain (as we have Incas)
  • Apache Wars?
  • War of 1812 maybe?
  • Some Civil War battle maybe? (though we don’t have a custom American civ)


  • Imjin War (Chinese & Korean vs Japanese)
  • Some battle from earlier Sengoku Jidai before Tokugawa (Nagashino?)
  • Ming-Qing wars in China
  • Marathan Independence or Mughal-Sikh Wars


  • Spanish Armada (this has been confirmed, though I’m not sure if it will be set in Europe or the Americas)
  • Thirty Years War ( Lützen?)
  • Great Northern War (now that we have Sweden)
  • Austerlitz or Waterloo (or both, from different viewpoints)

More importantly, I sincerely hope there will be further updates of such contents after the release.


I hope they can improve scenario editor at first (like aoe2), so we can make these campaigns by ourselves. You know, AOE3 scenario editor is full of defects, it cannot set initial age or custom AI like AOE2, cannot change HP/AT/DEF by simple trigger, cannot make custom card deck, etc. We have thousand of AOE2 single player campaigns in AOKH or Custom Mods, but nearly nothing for aoe3.

In America I would like to see the Siege of Lima or The Siege of Cuzco, or at least the battle of Ollantaytambo, which was a turning point and the final battle of Manco Inca Yupanqui.

I know this is less likely because the Shuar are not even in the game as a minor civilization, but I would like it to also address the failed attempts of the Spanish Empire to subdue the Shuar people (Jíbaros), they are the only natives of North America and South America that they faced the colonial power and win.

  • Documentary video in Spanish, but at minute 1:15 it explains something in English.