Rebalance Wood, Farm, and Mining upgrades

what? considering that there are now 42 civs, and most are pretty close to 50% winrate should speak to how good balancing is at the moment


I Think that could be done by combining The Conquerors Idea with a harsh nerf, The Farming amount of food you get will strongly correlated with the amount of Food on your farms offering some leniency for when you place your farms. This is poorly worded but I’ll do my best, also imagine the 2 is superscripted
Food Increase= (Currentfood on farm/Maximum amount possible)2 *(value of farm upgrade)
Probably dues not make any since but assuming you have horsecollar and get Heeavyplow this would be the math
80= (200/250)2 *125
Sorry if that is still confusing.

That would make Make hussar spam OP

Imo the best “buff” for the farm upgrades would be that they reduce the cost of the farms instead.
60 => 50 => 42 => 36 (probably 60 => 45 => 36 => 30 better)

For a lot of different reasons this would make them way more attractive than the current versions.

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I had that Idea for as civ bonus Incas it was probably Op I used math to keep the wood/food conversion rate consistent 60/42/28/18.3. If you were to make it universal then I would probably go 60>48>36>24

Also is everyone going to ignore the fact that consolidating the mining upgrades would buff Castle into UU

I really don’t think any of this is necessary. This isn’t an RPG where you want each upgrade to be interesting and force a decision, like fire bolt vs frost bolt or something. It makes sense dba goes first. You need wood to build every building, farms, and some units.

I don’t think messing with something like this is a good idea. We don’t need a 50-50 decision in every little aspect of the game. Anyway, if you alter their costs it will just be figured out and min-maxed and we’ll be right back here.

It’s simply a situation that isn’t broke, and thus doesn’t need fixing.