Recommendation: Try playing all versus all

Hello Age of Empires fans :slight_smile:

I most enjoy all versus all games. For those of you who only play team or one versus one games I recommend try playing all versus all matches.

You have to decide when and who you want to attack. There are risks of multiple front wars. So rushing is quite risky. Your army leaves your base and maybe when you are on the way to another player someone attacks your unprotected base. Everything is quite hard to predict. You can’t rely on team mates and it is unclear who will attack you.

Especially with diplomacy and nomad mod this is even better. They should add a possibility to chat with individual players by the way. This would be important when playing with diplomacy.

Aussie Drango did a fantastic video which shows why I love all versus all games.

Kind regards


I totally agree, FFA (Free For all) and Diplomacy games push the players to interact each others more than any gamemode and to be more strategic than ever. As a Total War fan so far, i loved to play FFA or diplomacy in custom map like Britain & Ireland, Indian Subcontinent or Europe (This map has been removed by the author for an update maybe, i hope he will release the new version soon cuz it’s freaking awesome : there is Iceland, Norway, Greece…).

Little storytelling,
8 players in Britain & Ireland, 500 pop, Persistents corpses, Tributes and Diplomacy, 10 minutes treaty, Regicide, Slow Nomad. 1h30 game duration.

Everyone starts naturally to Roleplay : 1 King of Scotland, 2 kings in Ireland (South and North), 1 in Wales, 1 in East-Anglia, 1 in Wessex, 1 in Northumberland and 1 in France. Northumberland betrayed Wales during his conquest of Scotland, Ireland was in civil war during 30 minutes between the 2 kings, after they have made a truce to attack Wessex and Wales, France (me) was neutral with everyone except an alliance with East-Anglia and open maritime trade road with Ireland. France and East-Anglia conquer Britain after a few diplomatic tactics but we lose against the Irish.

This was a complex game, but that was really epic, i loved that.

Specific player chat is the only thing missing for this type of gamemode in my opinion, it will be game changer in FFA but even more in Diplomacy as you said.
Devs, please add it.

And players, try it :slight_smile:


The safest bet for every inherently imbalanced multiplayer game is to add a Free For All gamemode because balance issues are less pronounced.

Just look at the most imbalanced of RTS (the C&C franchise) and how popular FFA is.

Everybody should try it if they don’t want to waste time learning to play better by getting bashed in QM or Ranked.

Wow this game that you mentioned sounds really amazing :smiley:

Great idea with the role playing.

Yes developers please add a specific player chat soon.