(recommendation) We need an alternative to players dropping

Pretty retarded that in the year 2020 if a player drops,their faction becomes completely useless to the rest of the team.

  1. DONT cause almost all the dropped player’s units to become inactive
  2. AI could atleast gift their res to remaining players
  3. Make their units player controllable (ffs starcraft had this and could handle the seperate pop caps spread across multiple factions)
  4. Hand over control of dropped faction to an AI (ffs even easiest would be better than nothing)(Company of heroes 2 for reference)

Currently if a player drops (thanks latest patch for increasing these odds) its almost guaranteed a team game loss(if the teams were previosly balanced, or many times even if the superior team drops a player the likelihood of lossing sky rockets)

Current situation leads to massive negative player experience (thanks devs for not thinking of this in 2020)

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