Reconnect Feature has to be in the game

It has to be in the game. It’s very important feature for ranked multiplayer games, i haven’t seen any competitive game that has no reconnect feature.

Show me a game where you can be afk for 5 mins → reconnect and not be super far behind.

You have not looked very many places then.

See basically every single RTS.

I think they should add it for custom games though.


It’s obviously goes in pair with pause.

But I still remember a meme in aoe2, when MBL went to park his car, return and won the game.

PS in 4vs4, i had to go afk for 10 minutes, returned and we won the game.
Sorry can not show exact games, cause only 10 replays available. :cry:
(may be it was unbalanced teams… but so what…)