Reconnect Option Please

The biggest reason that the playerbase has gone down is because of the fact that there are still many crashes and networking problems. WHY CAN WE NOT RECONNECT to a multiplayer game. Our lives are wasted when we build up a base and then an arbitrary crash happens.


There are games like this already, come on guys it’s 2021 and a major RTS title still doesn’t have a reconnect feature.

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Heck yeah, when I started playing upon release, I lost 10 matches or more purely because of internet connection.
The automatic re-connection speed is too short, and you have only 1 shot at reconnecting successfully or it straight up makes you lose.

They should give a timed attempt to go change your WiFi real fast or something (Like a 1 per game pass that lasts 1 minute for you to reconnect)

I once had the enemy by the (You know what) and before 1 minute of finishing him off entirely, boom, disconnected.

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reconnect option used to be there but ended up getting nerfed because people abused it to waste other players time.

I’ve heard of that from legacy, a good defined timer should fix that.

Its crazy how this still isnt in the game.

If they are going to do that then they need to at the very least give us a stable game

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I don’t want them to use the same method to reconnect as in the old game. That way was horrible because it made the game stop for everyone (people abused it). If your game crashed then you would also not be able to reconnect

The best way to implement a reconnect feature would be to make it so that the game continues for other players. You would then have 2mins to reconnect, if you don’t then you are out.

Or have a vote option for the players to either wait for the player or continue.

The old game reconnect was stupid, but we really need some type, DE has a lot of crashing sometimes and we definitely need something more than what we have now, but absolutely not the old system.