Reconnecting to multiplayer matches - STILL NOT ADDED 2023

Back in the day when you played this game off a cd-rom, a reconnect to match feature wasn’t really needed. The game performed light years better than it does now, and when you did drop connection, the other players had the option to wait for you to return through a vote system.

Now, when half my games end in a crash or network disconnect UI spam, a reconnect feature is quickly becoming a necessity.

A counter argument to this, that’s apparently prevalent in this forum, is that a reconnect feature is useless. Leave the game for 5 minutes? It’s already over. While that sentiment is surely true, it’s completely missing the point.

No one wants to play a match for over an hour, to drop and instantly just be done. That alone is a massive lack of respect for your users time. Take that one step further and team games are essentially pointless now. One player drops and the game is effectively now over.

A definitive edition that fixes nothing and adds new bugs and stability issues doesn’t really seem like a DE to me. It’s seems like the devs got caught up in the cool new civilizations they were adding, and forgot that there’s an entire game that needs to be made before those “cool new civs” even mean anything.


I wouldn’t say that, the game crashed often enough.
There were just much more similar PC builds, so they didn’t need to create a game for over 50000 different specs.

Besides that, this has been a topic since 2005 and it’s been then a no, and still stays a no.

The 1 minute wait for everyone because 1 guy disconnected in legacy brought enough annoying bugs, that the window sometimes didn’t disappear, or kept flashing so everyone had to leave because of that 1 person.

Sure it’s annoying when a game crashes , or you loose your connection, yet it’s not even that easy to " just build that in "

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