Reconnecting to multiplayer matches - STILL NOT ADDED


After so many suggestions, it seems like developers did not even care about our suggestions which so many people wanted it to be in a game.

We cannot re-join the matches that were disconnected due to connectivity issues, power outages, or can be anything. So you get disconnected, and LOSE THE MATCH! It is 2020, and this game does not have an option to re-join the match again.

I know so many people that left that game due to that reason only, while playing one hour long treaty match, one would get either disconnected due to crash, or some connectivity issues, whole treaty match is not worth to play anymore after someone gets disconnected.

So many un-necessary things were added to Definitive Edition, but when it comes to the suggestions provided by the users, why they are not added?


Make it so it saves the match… pauses the match… for 2 minutes or so wait time overrall. Not 2 minutes each disconnect.


AoE3 DE crashes, quite a bit. After spending hours during a multiplayer game, crashing is extremely frustrating as there is currently no way to reconnect to an ongoing match.

As a suggestion and ask of the developers, it would make crashes significantly more bearable if disconnected players were able to rejoin their ongoing matches.



devs are sleeping, sorry


I’m wondering why you are requesting this and then talking as if the devs just aren’t listening. This isn’t that important, I don’t think they would prioritize this. What other game (ensemble studio considered too) has the option to attempt to rejoin if you disconnect? Why would you want to reconnect if you basically did nothing for 2 to 4 minutes or whatever and probably lost anyway? lol

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does sc2 have this? serous question.

maybe its just not possible in the old rts coding.
the netcode and game needsto be build around this feature to work. propably close to impossible to add in in later on.

actually in wonder how they did it or league of legends.

Not everyone plays online for the purposes of playing against humans, there are a lot of players who play against AI with friends. Regardless of human or AI opponents, I would rather reconnect with (2) minutes of progress lost and still lose than lose because AoE3 DE crashed and I can’t reconnect.

There is a massive listing of games that has a reconnect feature for their multiplayer matches. This isn’t a “new” feature.

This use case does nothing but help the players; I can’t understand where you are coming from and saying its not an important use-case.

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bro this is the most important, game doesnt crash by our fault. At least please that the game doesnt crash!

did you know that opening th egame again take like 30 sconds?
did you know that unts can combat automatically and maybe there is not fightinin the meantime

That means you have never played a 40 minutes treaty match? When a game crashes, you could connect to a game in a minute or even less than a minute. There are also other reasons why reconnect option is important as other people have mentioned it. Lot of multiplayer games have this feature and i can’t understand why this feature is not important for you, but majority of them needs that feature.


Normally you wouldn’t want to reconnect, the more important issue is just making sure it won’t crash (if it even is crashing for you/others ingame). :octopus: Otherwise what’s the issue?

It’s terrible to think you are essentially taking something useless (e.g. similar like if you proposed ‘all players should just play treaty mode and take out all the other counters, ages, and parts of the game’, is it ‘important’ then if a lot of players band together and say that?). I don’t care who/how many supports it, it’s ridiculous and this shouldn’t be focused on over the cause of the issue. You won’t be reconnecting if you don’t lose connection and/or don’t crash. so let them fix that first. When there’s nothing else, then they can focus maybe on smaller demands like this.

It seems like the issue you are having will just be ‘fixed’ if any ingame crash is fixed first. Otherwise there’s the option for saving/restoring games, but you will have to do it and then rehost. No other ensemble game has had this feature the way you described.

That being said I don’t withdraw supporting this, I just think the people should think more. This seems like encouraging devs to do a bandaid and saying they are ignoring, when they can just fix the cause of the issue. Saying things like that and saying STILL NOT ADDED is funny as if you are some new player playing treaty but you’re the ‘big priority’, higher priority even than possibly units getting stuck, ranked working right, and crashes. Sorry big boy that it’s ‘STILL NOT ADDED’. Also adding pink unicorns, STILL NOT ADDED. lol

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I literally have 28 ranked games played, 16 wins 12 losses. I’m not kidding 8 to 9 from this 12 losses were caused from these ridiculous crashes. Now, imagine if someone has a power outage or somewhat, a windows evil blue screen or even a second of the internet dropping, we cant control those things. Its A MUST and its simple to implement. I really beg you devs, be nice with your loyal community and add this “feature”… we will be very very grateful!

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Yes, indeed. This is NOT a priority right now, they need to fix the game first, balance it and then implement this reconnecting system.

Dude, i guess hes probably trying to say that. Sure, its obviously important, but NOT for the current state of the game. The crashes need the be fixed like NOW, because even if they implement the reconnection system, if your game crashes, you lost tons of time and the enemy will gain benefits in the match and of course, no one wants to keep playing something that close itself completely randomly. its very very annoying, even more than not having the rejoin system. Get it?

Could be nice for 3v3/4v4. I agree it’s not that urgent.

Why can’t fixing the game and adding a reconnect button can be done in parallel? This isn’t some small “budget” studio…


Does the game go on for others in multiplayer while you are trying to reconnect? I just played a game after this patch and was looking at a team mate have a lot of idle units and then after a while he “resigned due to connection issues”

I also notice when i reconnect, the game suddenly speeds up in time. Maybe this is why people keep getting disconnected, because they are trying to reconnect to a moving game. In the original game, it paused when somebody was lagging and it usually lets them reconnect.

This is so frustrating. I get disconnected in almost a third to half my games. And there is no way to reconnect! Even mobas and other games let people reconnect

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The idea posted by author would just be an incredibly good addition for the game. Hopefully there would be a chance to add this kind of Reconnection feature to the game.

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As a treaty player, most of my games consist of players dropping before the treaty has ended and its getting really tiresome. We have a pause function to wait on dropped players to reconnect, it could work so well. It would also be handy to be able to restart your game/computer half way through if needed.

Please please please implement a way to reconnect!!


yes, first two games after update where drops. If I could reconnect I wouldn’t even mind it so much, though preferably it doesn’t happen in the first place.

letting people reconnect to the game should be standard for ALL age of empires games, not just 3. its a feature I expect in aoe4 as well and hope to see in age 2 soon.


This has got to be added. Please make it happen.

It is one of those things that only needs to occur once to a player and you have a chance to lose them.