Reconnection solution

Hello fellow age of empires 2 de players, are you as me sick of haveing games insta loss or won cause of a disconnect issue? how about a total game freeze and u cant do anything cause some sheep walked under a gate? Yes me too, i have therefore started a petition that i want to present to the devs to show them that they need to be working towards putting in a reconnect feature in the game as fast as possible. I personally find this very frustrateing, not because i crash alot. It have happend me maybe once, but because im very sick of looseing rateing in teamgames because someone in my team randomly disconnects out of noware. I mean pausing and waiting for them to recconect would be a very valid option, IF the option of recconecting even existed. now its just insta loss. Please sign my petition here so that the devs realise that this is a huge problem of any compedetive game, and is a must have.

If u don’t wanna sign the petition at least leave a like and maybe a comment so this gets seen by a dev.
Kind regards, blaesanjay.

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