Red Balloons

ive downloaded the age of empires anthology, and am playing AOE3, just started story mode, and i keep on getting red balloons floating across the screen, is this normal or how do i get rid of them . thanks

I cant see a mod in the mod screen to turn them so I guess have to tolerate or not play the game until halloween is over. It REALLY sucks if you are playing as a red player in the game too

If it happened once in age 1 its fun and games but as it happens multiple times its just stupid and annoying? surely the devs who are trying to play a competetive game get annoyed by there own creations???

Lol ? Can i have a screenshot of this? XD

Yes, I am also seeing red balloons floating across the screen. Microsoft update??

Very disturbing in 1v1 to suddenly see these flashes of red in your town.

I agree, they are annoying AF! No mods, some kind of “celebration” BS. Have not found a way to remove them! If anyone does pls tell!

tío de verdad hacia falta insultar?.. es solo una cosa cosmética joder! no es un puto bug eterno xd, además ya será quitado cuando termine la actualización no se pongan tan quejumbrosos (yo por mi parte me siento indiferente los admire por un par de segundos y luego ni me acorde que estaban allí xd)


Halloween event going on…

During this event:

  1. Crates will look like carved pumpkins.

  2. Pennyworth the clown (from “It”) will haunt you with red balloons.

  3. Dragoons and black riders will be headless warriors who have a pumpkin instead of a head.

… are there more?

Loving the festivities tho… haha.

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actually the ballons are what typically is birds.

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