This is great news for the AoE community. Very excited.

What disappoints me is that AoE3 DE is not there (being AOE1), so let’s hope they include it (even if it is with less prize) and the complete DE pack is there.

I’m glad for the marketing that can be generated with this, but I think that the AoE3 community should also claim that it has its place. Greetings.

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I don’t know anything about competitive AoE3. Why did they skip this one? Not as balanced? Not enough players? :confused:

Cause they pretend we don’t exist, if this isn’t on purpose I will eat my shoes.


Due to the asymmetry of the civilizations, number of them and the wide variety of strategies, it is difficult to balance, but there are minor tournaments sponsored by the community and much more AoE3 DE is played than AoE DE.

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40k yes.

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I get flagged for stating an opinion thats not far from the fact of the matter??? The numbers surrounding aoe3de speaks for itself. That game WILL NOT pick up a major tournament. That’s not sad its just the reality. Let that niche community support themselves.

Now back to aoe4

Técnicamente age 3 De tiene de entre 3500 a 4560 jugadores (en fines de semana) y dentro de la semana ronda los 2500-3100, mientras que el age of empires 4 en fines de semana ronda los 6000-6700 (lo cual, ojo no es malo) y dentro de la semana hemmm de entre los 3100-3550 y quedo como joder, esta casi a la par con los números del age of empires 3 colega


No estás contando a los jugadores de Gamepass, ni que el valor del juego en Steam es mayor, ni que en Twitch se visualiza mucho más AoE4, pero sí, AoE3 merece un lugar, aunque sea pequeño.

Podría responder lo mismo del 3 colega, igual hay mucha gente que lo juega en el gamepass, sin contar a la gente que aun juega la vieja versión. (use los números de steam por que es donde estoy mas familiarizado)

El GP se usa más para el AoE4 porque se hizo mayor promoción de ello.

Igual el tema es que AoE3 merece tener su hueco aunque sea con un premio menor.

there are always a cleaver guy who do not research, but already know smth
search for aoe1 in facebook it has much more viewers and alive pro-scene (asia/vietnam), (I believe they play on original aoe1 version)
on liquipedia, aoe1 have

giving some $ into aoe3 players pockets? without competition?


even without xbox pass… yes aoe4 dropped numbers dramatically, but not even close to your “numbers”, second - MS want to promote aoe4 cause it still sales + xboxpass + future DLC.

just clarified that there are understandable reasons.

anyway, great event.

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Obviously I have not said any falsehood about the exposed data. I also know that there are many tournaments in Vietnam playing classic AoE1.

At no time have I commented that AoE3 should come close to AoE1 in prize money or anything like that, but I think it should have visibility.

By naming AoE1, 2 and 4 (I can understand AoM not participating because there is no DE yet), you are telling everyone that AoE3 is not AoE and is garbage. That is abuse / contempt in the eyes of many people.

By the way, the average numbers in 30 days are 2500-3000 (with the new conversion DLC), so the partner is not telling any falsehoods.

i would not mind if they add aoe3.
but reasons are quite obvious.

you said it average. Ok.
MP data.
aoe4 leaderboard 17,266 players in last 30 days qiuck match (ranked season have 35,233 playes)
aoe3 supremacy has 3,503

numbers not in favor of aoe3, no matter what.

numbers from and , the difference is obvious.

el mentiroso aquí eres tu colega, ese screenshot ya lo he visto hace mucho tiempo, y aquí te muestro un screenshoot que yo hice hace un par de minutos sobre los números del age 3 un día viernes por la mañana

si tienes razón en el hecho de que age 3 tiene menos que el age 4 es cierto pero cabe aclarar que el age 4 es el mas nuevo, aquí una screenshot del numero de jugadores del age 4 un diia viernes por la mañana

si, parece ser que el numero de jugadores a aumentado ligeramente quizas debido al nuevo parche y próximo torneo a venir

hvordan du ■■■■■■ op at skrive på dine egne sprog.

rart at vide, at fredag er fridage, og med din logik 7695 == 6000 + er der

i slutningen af dagen:
Du kan fortsætte med at være vildfarende, men 35k i aoe 4 vs 3.5 i aoe3 (rangeret)- viser alt.

Joder colega esos son los datos de steam que tengo, además de donde rayos sacaste los 35k de age of empires 4? sumaste los del Gamepass de xbox?, por que si fueron asi el age 3 De rondaría los 8000-10k, que bueno no serian los mismos números del age 4 ni por lejos, pero aun así no es un numero pequeño que digamos

post: Venga ya colega de verdad te quejas de por que hable en español amigo me sale mas fácil hablar así ya que comprendo bien el ingles pero mi ortografía en ingles es pésima además es super sencillo traducir con un par de botones.

number of multiplayer

nem nagyon nehéz próbáld ki magad

Primero me escribes en danés y luego en húngaro colega, alégrate que te estoy hablando en español neutro, yo soy de chile y si te hablara como hablamos aquí, no me entenderías ni con traductor xD

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kinda irrelenvant because it shows the total players menawhile the steam shows the average that are connected in a period. ik it sounds blatant but considerer the facts that are not take in account like how many of those dropped the game, how much time it requires the systrem to erase players that no longer plays, etc. Those factor put that list less reliable for the player count. In other things related to that list, It used to have more players like the triple if i remenber.

RED BULL WOLOLO is the best tournament for AOE. It is by far the most entertaining to watch. I’m not really interested in other tournaments. Thank you very much for making this tournament.

But nevertheless I have some criticism.

  • AOE3 and Age of Mythology are not included. They are also part of the AOE family. You could include them with a small price pool.
  • The price money is by far to high. Please stop with very high price pools. At least half of the high price pool should be used for various modding events like Aussie Drongo did. Of course with reasonable prices. This would give the AOE games new content and make them actually better. This would be especially important for AOE4. When the games are good enough people play them without the need to pay them for it.