Redbull torney matches

So as you guys watch the tourney, how you feel about the combat in general ?

The combat it’s at best from realese. Lot of fights even in dark age. Now you need to build a proper army composition to counter enemys… You can’t go with one unit and spam it to win. Lots of micro during combat is also needed


Lots of fast, aggressive games, some upsets and unique strategies - like Mongol Silver Tree trade strat actually winning in 1v1 was fun to see. Most games I watched were finished in less than 30 minutes and I think only a few went to Imperial.


To be fair Recon is a trade god!!! He’s known for having optimize ttade better than anyone else. I dont think many if any of the other pros could replicate this trade success

Honestly, yesterday for me it showed that the game is at its best its ever been.
We have seen trade being used, HRE feudal aggression with maa, water games being actually fun to watch, more aggressive strategies being successful. Pro players banning civs not because of civ being OP but because of how good the opponent is with a particular cic
The game is definitely going in the right direction.
2 things i would like to see though, Mali seems to be on the week end atm so maybe devs could have a look into that, and also I would like to see hulks being a bit more effective against galleys, maybe increase their ranged armor.
Apart from that the game is great to play and to watch


I find it super boring to watch tbh. First match I’ve watched today was lucifron (french) vs iammagic (chinese). Lucifron starts with a few knights then, big surprise, goes for stone and a second TC. Iammagic gets spears and just turtles + adds some walls at the 6 minute mark. Game goes on and on, economies are getting bigger but there’s literally no surprise moment, no strategical decision that could be risky or deviates from standard play. You just always know what’s going to happen.

In the end it is up to the devs. If they do want people who also like to make actual strategic decisions in the early and mid game to stick around they will have to do something. If they don’t mind losing them then just keep it as it is. I wont play this game under those conditions anymore.

@StatedOregon5 Can you please show me a video of a match where more aggressive strategies were successful?
@UranicJohnBeast Can you please show me a video of a match with lots of fights in dark age?

Dude, if you dont like the game that is fine.
I am not gonna show anything because i cant be asked to be going around looking for videos to prove a point to some random people that will just conplain endlesly for no reason.
If you want the video just go on redbull wololo twitch and find the games for yourself, there was a game where a player as hre went for maa+ram push and won.

Look at my post history and try to find evidence for me complaining endlessly for no reason. I’ve defended the game multiple times but am not conform with the recent changes that lead to the current multiple TC boom turtle meta. This is the third time someone claims there’s “more aggressive”, “heavy offensive” strategies in the game with the current meta who either turn mysteriously silent or do not want or do not have the time to back up their assumptions when being asked kindly to show some proof. Kind of odd isn’t it? I’ve watched some wololo games and I haven’t seen any really aggressive strategies, which again is why im asking you to show me some. I’ve recently watched the second match of lucifron vs iammagic and found lucifrons french knights play to be somewhat aggressive. That would be a good starter for your assumptions btw if you want to have a honest discussion.

Check 6h 18min mark, match up is hre vs otto. This is the game i was talking about.
Also gotta keep in mind these guys are at the very high level. Offensive strategies tend to work a lot more on mid-lower level, high level players are much better at defending so they will prioritizd economy.
Also balance wise gotta be kept in mind too, nerf defensive strats too much and we will have this forum full of “french OP” posts again.

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Silver Tree can provide a huge economic income with under 10 carts before castle age, ntm ages 3+4 with the boosted stone trade research can be a game changer as the map is depleted of gold stone and wood


Corp Codfish's Game – AoE4 World

I’ve checked it and yes that’s a good example for a more aggressive playstyle leading to a victory. Very well played by themista.

Do you have any statistics to back up your assumption of offensive strategies being more useful at mid-lower levels? As for the balance: Well currently we have a 2 or sometimes even 3TC meta. So the balance between rush-boom-turtle seems to be out of place too since raids and rush strategies in feudal (leave alone dark) age rarely lead to a victory. So while whenever we have an offensive strategy that is too strong we should definately nerf it, as soon as when we have a defensive strategy (2TC) that also is way too strong and wrecks the overall rush-turtle-boom balance we should not get rid of it? I think balance wise people should try to be honest and not constantly push the balance towards a direction that favours their playstyle. All I can say is that when french were regarded too strong I’ve also suggested to nerf them a little bit despite it potentially hurting my playstyle.

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Don’t really have much statistics except my own experience in game.
I am a quite aggressive player myself and i have been having great results with it, even on season 2 before the TC nerf (I main french though, so that could be why). I know that for civs without armored units it’s be much harder to be aggressive because towers and tcs are extremely effective against them, so its not too hard to deffend against wood/food units, and horseman is not nearly as good as a knight when it comes to raiding, so if you put 2 civs like abbasid and chinese against each other the most viable way to play is to raid a little while working on your own economy.

Final results:

Civ Win Lose Total Ratio(%)
Chinese 6 2 8 75.00
French 12 5 17 70.59
English 12 7 19 63.16
Mongols 11 9 20 55.00
Holy Roman Empire 11 12 23 47.83
Ottomans 9 10 19 47.37
Delhi Sultanate 7 8 15 46.67
Rus 5 9 14 35.71
Abbasid Dynasty 4 13 17 23.53
Malians 0 2 2 0.00

Why Abbasids failed that badly?

Managed to see a bit from the finals today. Havent been in contact with the game for quite a while. I think it was better than what I expected, but still not where it should be yet. I think they should do a teamgame tournament for AoE4 too, thats where Age games are superior to any other RTS.

Why was everyone banning English straight away?

Also, is today the spectator feature in the game the one with lots of features similar to AoE2 that we saw being used by the casters? Or was that a mod? Because I’ve noticed the old plain one in the showmatch where they showed the new cheat codes.

There is a $40k team tournament coming up.

They used the old one in that match because there were 3 players.

Capture Age has created a casting overlay in AoE4 similiar to the one AoE2 uses. It is in beta and not yet ready for games bigger than 1v1.

It is actually better than the AoE2 one though because it is not a separate program. It is built into the game. When watching a replay or observing you can just switch to “caster mode” and it’s there.

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