Redesigns of civs and tech trees

look I get it, people might not be happy with certain aspects of a civilization or what not.

But the fact of the matter is this game is 20 years old. Many people enjoy it the way it is and bought DE because it was age of empires 2. It didn’t try to be something it never was.
AoE2 has never called itself a historically accurate game. It has never been a game where the core units of the game were region specific. It had unique units and architecture for that.

Yeah having region/civ specific units could be a super cool feature but how long do you think that would take to balance? Such a change impacts everyone.

But there is a silver lining to consider. Aoe4 is coming and if you have seen the trailer you saw the Mongols units were different then the British. During the dev Discussion it features gameplay differences based on your civilization.

Such a game would be a great place to throw out new ideas as it’s still in development and it takes place in the same time period as aoe2.

Just my 2 cents.


Came here to argue, but actually found a good post :smiley:


Why would a cosmetic change be a balance issue?


Because im not referring to people are asking for cosmetic change. They want stuff like removing knight line for steppe lancers civs and rebalance steppe lancers to take their place


Oh right right…
AOE3 Did try that and look how that ended up :stuck_out_tongue:


The least popular of the 4 main games? (1 through 3 and aom)

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Well, it’s a difficult argument, I would like some more diversity in AoE2DE games too, but I also know that balance is a delicate thing. So if the changes are towards giving a civ more playability and seeing a unit a bit more often, I’m all for it, but I also have to consider the downsides, for example we can’t make absurdities like “halving the cost of Catapracts”, but if the discussion is about make italians a bit more good on land I’m in favor (the first 2 examples that comes to mind).
In my opinion, we should consider both sides of the coin, keeping the old things that everybody loves, and at the same time implementing some novelties, for example, I was really disappointed by remake of the campaigns of AoK/conquerors (and I’m thinking about making a topic) because they completely lack any improvement or novelty, they ignore everything they have learned on campaign since mithology, AoE3 and the forgotten.

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Not at all, a lot of people ask for that.

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To make something clearer. I’m not against regional skins or balance changes to make the game more even.


I don’t expect to see a lot of civs in AoE4(Relic Entertainment)…it will never come close to AoE2. So I don’t have huge hopes for it.

This thread is meant to stop all other threads. There is no new ideas in it. It is just here to start some quarrel.

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Well spoken! I totally agree with your thoughts. And even if I love AOE2 very much I’m loking forward to AOE4 with great anticipation.


Excellent words! I also want existing gameplay to remain intact.

So I hope that some people here stop trying to remove existing well-working units (especially knight-line) from civs just to force players to use inferior alternatives. Seeing alternative units in game should come from people preferring to use them in certain situations, not from being unable to train existing well-working units.

Also if someone has crazy ideas about alternative units, then create a mod! If enough people are interested in it, then those ideas might make it to the main game.

Here is the topic, which sparked this discussion


Dude, the whole Topic is under the assumption that the SL will be buffed to replace the Knight-line, while retaining some level of uniqueness(more raiding capacity, but lower melee bulk)

So the discussion was not done “just to force players to use inferior alternatives.” as you wrongly purpoted.

Read the discussions carefully, before wrongly characterizing them.

This is inferior alternative for me. I want to keep on using all-around power unit knights. I read whole discussion and it got me worried. This is why I was happy to see this quite popular post in here :slightly_smiling_face:

If steppe lancers would be buffed, while knights would remain, then it would be okay, as I would simply have a choice between my beloved knights and steppe lancers.


Buffed SL would leave no room for Knights to be used for each of the 3 civs except for Post imp Cuman Paladin. We have seen this happen in earlier patches for several months. There is ample evidence for this.

Raiding is often the biggest contribution of Knights in-game. Now Imagine a Knight-like unit that is not only faster but also has 1 range to snipe villagers. I will be amused if you say such a unit would be “Inferior”

Yeah. No. Not even close


Then don’t suggest knights to be removed and we have a deal. Simple?

I said often. And real economic damage is done to your opponent in raiding.

This is why civs use defensive trash to just put a front and hold ground so the villagers can work peacefully.

Stop with your attitude.

Why do you want to keep Knights for Mongols and Tatars even if SL were buffed to be better than Knights in most situations except melee tankiness??
Cumans Paladins, I can understand.

Because he wants the two units to perform separate roles, steppe lancers are raiders for killing siege and monks and villagers.
Knights are your bulky tank.