Reduce cost of Trebuchets by 100w

If that isn’t enough could reduce even further. But as it stands we hardly see them as they are too expensive for what you get.

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Nah, we have enough OP artillery in the game already, siege equipment should be expensive


I’d say that me personally would like to see a nerf to some of the siege weapons like cannons etc, I know they cost a lot but they take down building and walls way too fast in my opinion.

Hard to find the proper balance I suppose, but I feel something needs to be done.

They are also extremely useful in battle

That’s true as well. Another thought I like what they have done with the new Stone Walls system and being able to have units on the walls but it’s a shame to see that almost no one uses the siege towers (I think haven’t seen anyone yet) to have some epic battles ontop of the walls would be sick!

But in order for this to happen we have to adjust the siege weapons, and make the stone walls and siege more attractive/buffed and perhaps introduce other alternatives such as ladders to be able to go up onto the walls, like in battle for middle earth games.

It’s sad to see this feature go to waste otherwise :confused:

I’ve read on other topics that the siege towers should be used as ladders, like not needing to load/unload them but that the units recognise it as the best path to get on top.

Another thing is, why would you put your archers on top of the wall if they are going to get sniped by bombars/trebuchets, the enemy is not going to go with a tower neither is going to try an attack with archers or arbalester. A good mechanic to solve this could be that you could capture the wall, this way you would gain the upperhand by winning the battle on top and opening the gates for you without having to destroy it.

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Cool guys, in case you didn’t know there’s a game called total war. I love that game. Aoe4 is not that game.

As much as you might like it to be, it isn’t.

In the same way that rams dps isn’t planned to be nerfed. Siege is likely kept so powerful to punish greedy turtles, which is exactly what you guys want and is completely against ranked / competitive play. As it lowers the visceral level of play.

But yeah whatever, let’s nerf every siege weapon’s dps until trebs And twrs become more attractive

What is not normal is that as of right now if you go to castle age unless you build artillery there is no way you can win a batlle, I’m not talking about siege or destroying buildings but battles!.

I know this is not total war, this is an actual rts with economy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have better sieges. You can penalise those same greedy turtles by getting their own walls, they would be closed inside their own city. If you want the old arcady rts style you have AO2 where even building walls is not worth it.

At least in this game they wanted to make the walls worth it to play with them, and they almost made it possible, if you keep buffing siege equipment they going to go useless again.

Anyway, most people in top ranks dont really use it, and it won’t be long until a lot more people stops using it.

They gave us a better system with the walls just so that we can have an improved gameplay to have units on your walls and siege them along side with siege towers and cannons etc, so why not use it?

This is not total war and no one is saying that it should either but if the developers has introduced a gameplay mechanic which is awesome and needed for age of empires then why shouldn’t we use it? I really don’t understand your points at all, it’s like you don’t pay attention to what the developers has done with this game.

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