Reduce the cost of Chinese "Reload Drills" technology in new patch

If Chinese and Rus both get 20% reload time reduction from technology, I think they should have the same price.

Currently Chinese “Reload Drills” need 300w/700g and 90 seconds while Rus “Fine Tuned Guns” only need 150w/350g and 60 seconds.


I’m going off of a community wiki here because I’m not massively into MP, but there are other things to consider:

  1. What other strengths each civ / faction / whatever we’re calling them has.
  2. The fact that Fine Tuned Guns is on a Landmark. Because you have to choose them, Landmark choices are generally-superior to the alternatives.

I’m not saying the cost shouldn’t be tweaked, but it’s not as simple as “both researches grant the same buffs”.

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lol exactly people massively discounting China is getting multiple huge nerfs to the civ while their win rate is already low.

While Mongols basically untouched and has the highest win rate by far.

historically accurate tho xD