Refined Trade

Hello AoE friends,

I love playing AoE 4 but I’m an absolute beginner.

I prefer to play with the French and would like to create all the masters,
unfortunately I already fail in the fifth task “Refined Trade”

I did the tutorial and art of war and also got medals everywhere.
unfortunately nowhere is explained how I act correctly. When googling, I also did not find a nice explanation or a video on the subject of action. That is why I address myself to you.
Probably it is super easy if you know how to do it but something I have to do wrong I have tried so many times.

can explain to you what I have already tried but
I think it would be easiest if a friendly helper could explain this to me exactly before I spend even more beautiful multiplayer rounds concentrating on the marketplace and exchanging all my gold for wood or food and then in the end it did not work out again.

I would be very happy about help

Find the game Mega and want to get stronger in it… and there is a lot to learn :slight_smile:
Especially since I play French I have to check this with the dealers

Thank you very much

Best regards,


thank you for your help,
Super community that likes to help a beginner with easy questions

I have already been able to solve the problem myself.

For all those who have the same problem.
You have to put the traders individually on the fact that you should collect wood stone or food. if you don’t do that, they automatically bring gold with them.
Once again a problem to which there is a very simple answer.
You just have to know how.

Best regards GoRillaz

danke für eure Hilfe,
Super community die einem anfänger gerne bei leichten Fragen helfen

ich habe das Problem schon selber lösen können.

Für alle die das selbe problem haben.
Man muss die händler einzelnd darauf stellen das Sie Holz Stein Oder Nahrung sammeln sollen. wenn man das nicht macht bringen sie automatisch Gold mit.
Mal wieder ein Problem auf die es eine ganz einfache antwort gibt.
Man muss nur wissen wie.

liebe Grüsse GoRillaz