Regarding Asian wonders (poll)

What does a Confucian Academy have to do with flying rocket bombs? A Fireworks Workshop would be a much better fit for the function of producing Flying Crows. It could also incorporate other thematic features such as a version of the Royal Fireworks ability, or the ability to detonate like a Depot.

I have nothing against a Confucian Academy, it should just be a wonder/landmark that actually does something relevant to the building. It would probably be a better fit for Korea anyways since they had an actual Confucian Academy and numerous Seowon.

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Guys guys ! just to be clear ,

In game :

Agra fort (age2 allows Inf training) > upgrades to Delhi Gate(Allows Camels+Elephants training) > Final Upgrades to Red Fort(Allows Siege Eles & flail)

The stats still remain the same & crappy, even after the hefty cost of upgrade.

IDK why the second upgrade is called Delhi gate, Its a huge fort gate on the east side of the city. :confused:

In real life :

Red Fort(s) :

  • There are 2 of them.
  • One in DELHI (Most popular; ‘The Red Fort’ usually 99.9% refers to this one, as it holds more historical significance)
  • The other one is in AGRA. (Popularly known as Agra Fort, Also Agra’s Red Fort)

Meanwhile as Agra was a Capital for sometime,
TAJ MAHAL is also located in AGRA.

As for Wonders I still preffer them unique in the game for Asian Civs , And I think most major Asian civs have atleast 5 unique IRL buildings to be considered as wonders.

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I selected the " keep it as it is" because I am fine with the current names. I have no problem with a reskin of name and appearance as long as it doesnt change the functionality. The option was to have a “similar effect” and not the same effect. For me the effect change should be separated and only dine for balance reasons.

And the pool ask you one choice, I cannot tell that I am fine with both.

In the current systen, Europeans gets “politicians” with benefits without buildings and requiring TC working time instead of villagers working time. So I expect Europeans civs to follow thus system and Asian civs to follow the wonder pattern.

If it was the other way around with cliche name of European places, I literally wouldnt care a second. If the devs swap the system now, I would raise an eyebrown wondering the purpose of the change, but in the end wouldnt mind as long as they make it consistent and balanced.

Anyways in practice it woundnt change much to me as I play both some European civs and some Asians civs…


You didn’t get the point.

The point is some Asian wonders have really specific names that can only refer to one specific building irl. Some like Agra Fort even refers to one specific location. It makes no sense on other (which means most) maps.

If you have to stick to the “current system” when making an analogy (which is a weird constraint because the whole point is to show how odd it is to someone who knows about Asian civs, not changing the system in game), it would be like US have a building called “New York State Capitol”, or the “Istanbul Imperial Palace” that already exists in AOE4.


So I answered the point in the following sentence, right ?

Maybe I missphrased it, but by “cluche names”, I mean names such as a USA “New York state capitol” or a British “Big Ben” or a french “Eifel tower” or w/e sounds satitical for the country.

Which means that if we had such “weird names” for non Asian civs, I wouldnt care.

And in the same post, I also said I dont mind changing the name of the Asians wonders:

Honestly, change the functionality, too. The Native civs need to get changed for being too magical, the Asian civs deserve the same.

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Change the wonder system. It sucks imo.

Imo it might as well be completely replaced, but I’d be fine if they were just replaced with generic buildings (especially if the new designs actually fit the effects).

The premise of the Asian civs sucks. Rework them please.

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The European forts have names of real places and it doesn’t seem to bother you or anybody much. :slight_smile:
I’m French and don’t care to build a fort called Brest in any part of the world that is not in the Western tip of Brittany.
And I’m not ignorant, I knew some Asian wonders before playing TAD when they released it. I think of the sack of the Summer Palace each time I play the French or the British against China and I destroy that wonder.
This game is a mess but I love it. It is not geographically or historically accurate and it’s not that bad. What is really bad is that we still do not have Persia / Iran as a playable civilization. :wink:


Then dont call the game AoE3. THAT WONDERS has been there for 15y as essence of TAD civs gameplay, you cant delete them and treat them as if they didnt exist.

Asians have greater balance issues to care about.

If Spain can get HC shipments on Spain map you will survive building golden pavillions on Americas.


It’s not even from the original devs. I don’t get why people are so defensive of the mess that TAD is (and should have never been).

You know more than one thing can be bad at once, right? If the Native American civs can get reworked to fix inaccuracies (which they really didn’t, since reskinning the fire pit while keeping the functionality doesn’t fix the problem people had with it, and Aztecs and minor civs were basically untouched), then so can the Asian civs.

Besides, Asia is the onoy region that didn’t get more civs in DE. The obvious assumption is that the problem is with the pre-existing civs.

You don’t fix something if it’s not broken. Leave asian wonders alone. (Devs actually trying to nerf Chinese ones). There are more issues in the game need to be fixed.


If you don’t like the dlc it’s fine, but fundamentally changing it 15 or so years afterwards is simply not possible. People have come to terms with how it is, the mechanics it introduced or moved on. It’s like doing a digital remaster of a beatles album and putting a rap track on top of “yellow submarine”. Not going to happen.

But you can always do an “asia revisited” mod, and change whatever visuals you please. That’s the beauty of this game…


Do we start on that?? Because tribal market is not that good as solution while Fire pit had more appeal than a boring plaza when you can hardly see who is working and who doesnt. Same for pets, ridicoulous to tame wolfs from treasures but Jaguars are fine. Come on


If you had even a drop of knowledge about me, you’d know I’ve been asking for ages for community plazas to be completely removed, same for the Tupi tech that lets you train pumas.

I’ve even asked for Ports to lose Organ Guns, which is very easy to confirm they never used.

Same, it’s too late to change the fundaments of civs who are already so long in the game. Unless you want too alienate or chase people away, maybe some minor changes can be #### but no more than that.

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I didnt say anything about your thoughts, I listed the “fixes” about inacuracies we received with a double standard.

I’m fine with current asian wonders, but a name change to something more general can also work.

I want to add though that Summer Palace and Shogunate should also function as a Fort for Japan and China. White Pagoda and Tower of Victory could also be their arsenal replacement. Porcelain tower should got an upgrade or shadowtech to increase it’s generation equal to the current age, no more age 5 chinese player receive the resource from an age 2 Porcelain Tower, it’s also the only Wonders to not giving any shipment in any age.

A little not known fact is Japanese actually got 6 Wonders, the Chinese Summer Palace is actually a weaker version of Japanese Dojo Japan HC building), look at the train time and cost to train unit on both the building, and you’ll realise that Summer Palace is a joke Wonder compared to the Dojo, even it got an upgrade!

P.S. why typing (JA) then followed by (PS) got censored?

Bigger games with more established playerbases have shown that completely reworking things that have been in the game for years are more likely to drive up player interaction than they are to reduce. A full Asian rework and a full Native rework would increase playerbase more than anything - Y’all people are so afraid of actual change that you forget that it’s change that brings in players the most.

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I am not afraid of change and I said I am open for minor changes.

We have got also to be realistic, they aren’t going to completely rework a civ from scratch if it’s that what you are expecting. But like I said minor changes like changing unit names/skins, renaming card/techs,… is certainly possible.

They’ve done everything except give the Ottomans a new architecture set and way to age up. It isn’t that far off to consider they’d go one step further and change age-ups if they’ve already done everything else that a full rework would entail on at least one civ already, especially since none of the civs that need a rework would require any architecture changes.

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