Regarding blocking and report function?

What does these two buttons really do?

I read on forum that if I block a certain players, they cant dm or match against you.

However for the past few days, I keep matching against or team with a certain players which kept typing #### (maybe excessive profanity), those who keep leaving game 10 minutes in when teammate refuse to go all in for rush and those who instant leave the moment you dont “type” in their language.

I mean it is fine to play with players that break profanity rule TOS once in a while but keep playing with and against them after blocking is kinda excessive.

I mostly play this game casually for fun but if almost every match played were filled with negativity and demoralizing comment in the global / team chat, even with casual mindset will turn into annoyance.

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I don’t know if they really work, but i never used them
You need to know that the chat filter have some problems, can censure evening simple words or numbers with no reason. I play casual too but i haven’t found people that talk in chat, just play and make signals on map… some leaves apparently for no reason, but i still contiune the match cause sometimes we won in lower number vs other team, and it is so satisfactory

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yeap the filter sometime feel overboard.
for example, when i try to talk to yellow player “yellow, we need to defend the crossing”
the chat appears in this way “######, we need to ##### ### #######”.
normally this case we can just go around it by mentioning their name and use other words.

Problem is players that join immediately then threatened to leave instantly (with colourful language) if other players refuse to comply to their prefer rush or playstyle.
If blocking and reporting does not work, are we going to just assume the match gonna end fast the moment we saw familiar name and juts proceed immediately to search for new game.