Regarding Mamelukes and some civs with Camels

Dromedary camels are native in Arabia whereas Bactrian camels are native in Central Asia. It would be nice if in a new update or DLC, the Chinese, Mongols, Cumans, and Tatars use a new model where riders ride Bactrian camels, while Middle Eastern and African camel units continue using the original dromedary models.

Mameluke-wise, they should have a new model of a warrior riding a horse. Their characteristics and mechanics will still remain the same…


Agree with the Mameluke change. The mameluke can still be a anti cavalry cavalry unit. The problem is what to do with its knife throwing. The rider model is generally ok otherwise.

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If unit skins are every implemented (I think we’ll eventually get them), the bactrian/dromedary camel issue can be attended there.

About Mamluks, I believe that the camel remarks their role of anti-cavalry. It’s kind of part of the language of the game. And for them to keep the ranged melee damage, I don’t know what else they could throw. Javelins would be counterintuitive.

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Armor class? Will it be same as Camel or changed to Cavalry? Either way it will either cause unbalance or confusion.

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There are 40+ civs in the game now. If people can learn how to play them, they can damn well learn how to use the reworked Mameluke.