Regicide + KotH

Hi, in userpatch it was possible to have a rm map to be both regicide and king of the hill. In aoe de these things seem to be hardcoded and cant be influeced in the rm skript.

A scenraio with a regicide + king of the hill feature is euqally difficult to create. In hd i once made such a map but it was very desync sensitive because of the many trigger and unit switching involved.

I would suggest the folliwng. Tie the code to king of the hill to a building Monument(KotH) and then let us place this building in scearios or with rm skripts.
Similiar could be done for regicide. In the RM script there is a IF REGICIDE to place kings and castles. LEt use set REGICIDE to TRUE in the rm script ourself to turn any map into a regicide gamemode and create a trigger to do the same for scnearios.

SOmething like trigger: set game to regicide: which then just defeats players that dont have a king left.

Back in the days these combined game modes were very popular and gained many views on t90 channel. I think his channel is suffering from de not supporting these kind of things as well as userpatch did.

I would be very happy if this was considered.


Indeed, would be super fun to have both conditions in one