Regicide Ranked Implementation

Rather than Empire Wars give Regicide the chance to shine in ranked. I suggest a Castle Age start with no castle, and regicide levels of villagers+scout+king+queen and with 1000-2000 wood and 1000 stone with normal amounts of food/gold depending on how it might make the start smooth in general.

This will allow players more ability to shape their empire - Regular random map already normally ends for many in Feudal Age - give Castle Age starts a try for a better difference in gameplay.

As for the map pool - anything from a nomad start to a normal start is acceptable.

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Isnt Regicide EW with a King? Why does it matter?
Starting in Castle is a new suggestion.
Perhaps we could start in Imperial, with the full tech. And 10k resources.

No Idea why we should have this game mode as ranked. Can you somehow show it is populair?

For EW there are reasons why it should be added to ranked. For regicide with strange starting conditions i dont see any reason at all.

Whenever I start the game I have the age of kings intro play - and I remember that regicide was my favorite mode when playing. It goes hand in hand with the theme of the game - it’s the staple and the game isn’t complete without it

There are? To me it just seems it’s something the devs want to promote, rather than something people specifically asked for.

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It is rather influence of RBW, I think…

I have seen multiple threads in which people asked about this feature. Also the popularity of RBW is a reason to add EW to ranked.

But not as replacement for DM.

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